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Expect a World of Difference

For over fifty years Voita has been pro­vid­ing the finest qual­i­ty pro­duce to some of the most demand­ing retail­ers, whole­salers, importers and food­ser­vice receivers around the globe.

About Voita
A hand gently holding a large bundle of green grapes still on the vine.
Closeup of a bundle of oranges in a grove showered with sunlight
Close up of pile of ripe cherries with stalks and leaves Large collection of fresh red cherries Ripe cherries background
Green Hass Avocados fruit hanging in the tree
A collage of fruit, citrus, avocados, grapes and melons

Our Produce

We source high qual­i­ty pro­duce from around the world. See what prod­ucts we fea­ture and when it is in peak condition.

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Supreme Citrus logo over a background of orange trees

Supreme Citrus

Supreme” lit­er­al­ly means Supe­ri­or to all oth­ers.” This is dri­ving force behind the Supreme brand — supe­ri­or qual­i­ty and taste.

More About Supreme