Voita International

Container ShipMore than 10 years ago, Voita West started developing International trade relationships with select customers through out the world. Today we regularly ship our products to more than 10 different countries around the world. Our International team has extensive experience and knowledge of the intricate details of International Business. From extensive product quality control to execution of International financial instruments, we are fully prepared to handle all aspects of your business needs. With years of experience in International trade, we fully understand that the quality of the product upon arrival is of the utmost importance. All of our inspectors are specially trained and have many seasons of experience in selecting the best quality fruit for International shipment. All orders are checked for brix, acid, pressure and internal and external defects prior to shipment. Each order is selected by “Lot” (individual grove) to ensure each shipment is uniformly made up of the best quality product. In addition, each pallet is identified with one of our inspection stickers to help ensure proper loading. Each lot number is recorded and digital photographs are sent to the buyer. All stowage is done under our direction; further helping to ensure that the product is properly secured and that proper circulation and temperature are maintained.
AirplaneWith 30 years of building relationships, we’ve become trusted representatives with some of the best growers and shippers across North America including Sunkist, LoBue Bros., Sun West and Suntreat to name but a few. We work with some of the largest growers down to some of the smallest growers, to develop unique sourcing relationships that provide top quality product all season. To further integrate our knowledge and experience into a consistent program across multiple product lines, we recently introduced our own branded product line. We have teamed together with some of the best growers and packers in each commodity to bring the best quality fruit consistently in the same label each week of the season. Currently the following branded commodities are available:

California Navel Oranges
California Valencia Oranges
California Lemons
California Grapefruit
Florida Grapefruit
Florida Valencia Oranges
Texas Rio Star Grapefruit
Voita Brands